PLANNING - We will work together to plan exactly how you would like your event to go.  I am well practiced at entertaining a crowd so no worries there, however if you have special things that you would like done (handing out gifts that you provide, someone whom you want to receive special attention, etc) we will make those plans ahead of time, and follow up the day before or day of the event to make sure everything is ready to go.  I will bring plenty of candy canes to pass out - coloring books and crayons are also a great idea.  I carry a small sack and these type items fit in the bag well.

    PARKING - Make sure that Santa has parking available that is close to where your event is.  We can discuss the arrangements during the planning period.

    DESIGNATE SOMEONE - Designating one adult to greet me outside or at the door is very helpful.  This is also a great time to go over last second details., fill my sack with gifts that you provide, etc.

    STURDY CHAIR - A good sturdy chair is important if Santa will be sitting down for photos.  Please make sure the chair is of a size to accommodate myself and any children and / or adults that want to sit with Santa for photos.

    LIGHTING - One of the most popular features of my visit is the reading of "The Night Before Christmas".  If this will be a part of your event please make sure the area is well lit.  Santa doesn't see well in poor lighting so this is very important.

    PHOTOS / CAMERAS - Please make sure your digital cameras are charged and ready to go.  Some moments are "once in a lifetime" and  you want to be sure to capture those.  Good lighting is also important when it comes to photos.  Also, feel free to help Santa out.  If my belt buckle is a bit crooked or my hat isn't perfect please designate someone to help with those adjustments.  I don't mind this at all.

    FANS - If Santa will be sitting for a long period of time taking photos a fan is very helpful.  The suit is very heavy and gets very hot.  While this is not required it helps to keep sweat from forming on my face so photos are perfect.

    PAYMENT - If Santa will be receiving compensation for his visit it should be sealed in an envelope and given to me at the end of the visit.  A good idea is to present it as a Christmas Card addressed to Santa.
Flashy Christmas Tree